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The Gentle Way to 100% Permanent Hair Removal

Here at the EE Clinic we specialise only in Electrolysis, using the most advanced technology in the field of permanent hair removal.

Not only do we have the most effective equipment available, (for more info please see 'Platinum Pure' link above) we also offer exceptional customer service, including evening and weekend appointments, in a relaxed, private and central location.


If you have had previous unsuccessful experiences with Electrolysis Treatments, please do not let it deter you, as this is usually due to inexperienced practitioners and/or outdated or inferior equipment.

As previously mentioned, our equipment is 'state of the art' and the very best available worldwide, boasting a 25% reduction in the amount of treatments needed, compared to other leading models. This is due to each and every treatment being tailor made to suit you, the client.

Moreover, the 'Platinum Pure' can effectively treat any hair or skin colour; an achievement that Laser or IPL devices cannot reproduce.

Please visit our 'contact' page to make an arrangement for a free consultation and/or to request further details.